Glimmers of Glass (A Glimmers Novel #1: Cinderella)

Hidden in the city of Portland, Oregon is a shimmering world of magic—one faerie Olivia Feye doesn’t want to touch with a ten-foot wand. She’d rather study biology, or garden, or floss her teeth, or do literally anything except pay attention to the Glimmering world and her internship at Portland’s premier faerie godparent agency.

But when her supervisor is hospitalized after a flying pumpkin carriage accident, Olivia is thrust into the middle of a case. And this one won’t be easy: Her client is Elle, a barista whose plans don’t include an enchanted prom or Prince Charming.

The reward for a happily-ever-after is enough gold pieces to get Olivia out of the Glimmering world forever. But as she comes face-to-face with the complexities of faerie godmothering, she’s forced to wonder: How much is she willing to sacrifice for her own happy ending?

Glimmers of Glass is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Glimmers of Scales (A Glimmers Novel #2: The Little Mermaid)

Months after wrapping up her first faerie godmothering case, Olivia is faced with a new assignment: a lovesick mermaid princess who won’t give up her dreams of marrying her Humdrum crush.

But negotiating a happily ever after (and dodging the wrath of the Sea King) isn’t the biggest problem on Olivia’s plate. She’s sick with guilt over keeping the Faerie Queen’s offer a secret from Imogen. Lucas is suddenly, gorgeously, and terrifyingly single. Her parents can’t seem to stop arguing. And something is happening in Portland—something even Queen Amani seems afraid to face.

When Olivia is hit with a devastating betrayal, she’s left to pick up the pieces on her own. But it will take more than a wave of her wand to fix everything that’s been broken, and will require her to face the reality of a world where every happy ending comes with a shadow.

Glimmers of Scales is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Glimmers of Thorns (A Glimmers Novel #3: Beauty & the Beast)

Ever since Imogen walked into the Oracle’s Fountain and out of Olivia’s life, nothing has been right in the city of Portland. Attacks against the Humdrums have escalated, fear is creeping through the city like a poison, and Queen Amani seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet.

But Olivia isn’t alone. Together with her allies, including an angry hedge witch named Isabelle and Isabelle’s beastly boss, she sets out on a quest to save the Glimmering world.

But no quest is meant to be easy, and Olivia’s courage will be tested as she’s thrown into the path of the one enemy she can’t bear to face. As the city begins to spiral into war, Olivia must make a devastating choice—one that will forever redefine what it means to live happily ever after.

Glimmers of Thorns is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Glimmers of Garlands (A Glimmers Novel #3.5: The Elves & the Shoemaker)

Months after the conclusion of Glimmers of Thorns, Imogen Dann is home for Christmas. But her holiday vacation is quickly taken over by a mystery: The city of Portland is being transformed by anonymous acts of kindness, and not even Olivia and Queen Amani have been able to figure out who's behind it all. What she discovers will lead to a Christmas unlike anything she's experienced before, and will wake her to the spirit of the season in ways she never expected.

This whimsical, heartwarming short story is a sequel to the first three Glimmers novels. It contains spoilers for Glimmers of Thorns.

Glimmers of Garlands is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Spinning Into Gold (A Glimmers Universe Novel #1: Rumpelstiltskin)

When Dior Miller meets August Rumpel, their connection is immediate and enchanting. Dior is a gifted faerie singer who’s ready to take her career to the next level, and August is the most influential manager in the magical entertainment scene. Thrilled at the opportunity to make the most of her gifts, Dior quickly signs a contractone that that will give August the power to spin her talents into gold.

As Dior’s career skyrockets, August’s hold on her tightens until she realizes the price for his help is more than she’s willing to pay. With the help of her friendsand a charming faerie prince who seems like he could be more than just a friendDior prepares to free herself from August’s terrifying control. But a magical contract is a hard thing to break, and the penalties for fighting back may be deadly. Will talent and courage be enough to save her from August’s tightly spun web?

This retelling of Rumpelstiltskin is set in the Glimmering world but can be read as a standalone novel. Buy Spinning Into Gold and enter the entrancing world of the Glimmers today.

Spinning into Gold is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Holly North (A Glimmers Universe Novella #2)

Holly North isn't exactly full of holiday cheer. She lives in one of Colorado's winter playgrounds, but the snow-covered mountains and charming holiday cottages seem a world away from her boring job and ratty apartment. She's drowning in student loan debt and is tired of logging onto social media to see a parade of engagements, baby announcements, and exotic vacations that only highlight how much she hasn't done with her life.

And then, one winter night, while taking out her neighbor's garbage, she hears a distant scream...

And gets literally run over by a reindeer.

When she wakes up at the North Pole, the new world that surrounds her is strange and way too full of the holiday spirit. Everyone at Santa's Workshop seems elated to be there—except for Santa himself. The jolly old elf doesn't seem to quite trust her, and when the lights at the North Pole start flickering and plunging the Workshop into darkness, she starts to understand why... 

And discovers her chance to finally do something extraordinary.

This standalone novella is the second in the expanded Glimmers Universe series, and the first to feature a Humdrum protagonist.

Holly North is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.